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Broad City Dr Wiz Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator - Black   LHR-68267
Broad City Dr Wiz rechargeable mini wand vibrator. Styled in smooth silicone for sensationally soft velvety gorgeousness. Broad head is the perfect shape for spreading good vibrations everywhere. Flexible neck lets you reach every part of your body. Yep, even there. Vibrations in 3 speeds and 7 patterns for deep muscle massage and erogenous zone excitement. I-can-barely-hear-it discreet sound level creates play-anywhere possibilities. Rechargeable, waterproof, petite and an even better travel companion than Thelma or Louise.
Broad City Mind My Vagina Water Based Lube - 3.4  Fl. Oz. / 100 Ml  LHR-70006
Broad City Mind My Vagina water-based lubricant. Adds long-lasting slipperiness for sex, solo play and toy time. Press-top-n-squeeze system prevents spills and over-lubed bedroom fiascos. Free from parabens and vegan friendly (like all swanky skincare brands) Latex and polyurethane condom friendly. Compatible with all sex toys.
Broad City Pegasus Pegging Kit - L/ Xl   LHR-68850
Broad City Pegasus Kit with briefs, silicone dildo and bullet vibe. Washable cotton Y-front style briefs fit snugly for no-slip dildo action. 7 inch hot pink silicone dildo curves to hit the P-spot or G-spot. Slip the bullet into the briefs' secret pockets for a buzz bonanza. Night off from pegging? Use the dildo and bullet for a smorgasm-bord of solo pleasure options. O-ring system in the briefs means you can swap in a trusty fave dildo.
Broad City Yas Kween 10 Function Bullet - Hot Pink   LHR-68262
Broad City Yas Kween 10 function bullet vibrator. Purse-sized so the force can most definitely always be with you. Tapered tip lets you enjoy precision clit flicking. Push button control makes for distraction-free self loving. 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration to play around with. Fully waterproof for tub or shower splashy fun times.
Broad City the Vulvarine Silicone Rabbit Vibrator  - Pink  LHR-68273
Broad City The Vulvarine waterproof, rechargeable rabbit + G-spot vibrator. Styled in sleek silicone for sensational superhero luxury. Two motors power orgasmic vibrations to the bunny ears and the curved tip. Two vibration speeds and five patterns to customise your yas, yas, yas! USB rechargeable for powering up anywhere in the world. Travel lock feature avoids mysterious 'what's that in your bag?' buzzing drama.
Broad City Ass of an Angel Silicone Butt Plug   LHR-68270
Broad City Ass of an Angel medium silicone butt plug. Tapered shape and firm consistency so you can get it in and get it on. Full figure for so-much-in-me-right-now ultra-satisfying stretch sensations. Colourful styling because who wants just one colour when you can have more? Skin-pleasing sleek finish also makes clean-up easy. Practicalities, dude. Flared base for safe anal action because you wouldn't want your Angel flying up and away.
Broad City Man on a Mission Masturbation Egg - Clear  LHR-68292
Broad City Man on a Mission clear, stretchy masturbation sleeve. Zigzag texture inside to delight your dick. Double the kicks by watching yourself through the clear material. Just change your grip for fully customisable pressure options. Waterproof, washable and reusable – it's your new best buddy.
Broad City Boss Bitch Silicone G-spot Vibrator -  Blue  LHR-68272
Broad City Boss Bitch rechargeable G-spot vibrator. Styled in luxury, smooth silicone for sexy, sensational sleekness. Two motors power vagina-loving vibrations along the shaft and curved tip. Two vibration speeds and five patterns for playing around with. USB rechargeable so you won't be out of juice just when you need it. Travel lock feature so no unexpected bag buzzing to alarm anyone.
Broad City Ride the Rocket Clitoral Vibrator - Hot Pink  LHR-68265
Broad City Ride the Rocket clitoral vibrator with 4 interchangeable heads. Hit the clit with smooth, spiked, bobbled or prickled head options. Easy push button control makes for distraction-free self loving. 3 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration to play around with. Fully waterproof for tub or shower splashy fun times.
Broad City Precious Package Love Egg Vibrator   LHR-68266
Broad City Precious Package wired controller love egg vibrator. Especially designed for inside and outside girl-parts heaven. Lightweight, soft shape makes it bliss for sex toy beginners. Wired controller with long cord lets YOU decide who's in charge. Easy push buttons to move between 4 speeds of buzzing.
Broad City Respect Your Dick 10 Function Vibrating Cock Ring   LHR-68268
Broad City Respect Your Dick stretchy silicone vibrating cock ring. Twin rings fit snugly around your dick and balls. Can help make your erection harder and last longer. Vibrating bullet hits the clit for her orgasmic delight. Waterproof for splashy shower room fun times.
Broad City Nature's Pocket Kegel Balls - Hot Pink   LHR-68269
Broad City Nature's Pocket hollow, weighted kegel ball set. Twin plastic balls plus a silicone holder and cord to get 'em in and out. Weights in the balls move around to put a big smile on your face (but nobody knows why). Improves your vagina muscle tone for more orgasmic excellence. Balls unscrew so you can replace the weights with a secret stash. Comes with a satin bag for safe storage away from nosey housemates.
Broad City in the Mood Lipstick Vibrator  - Black  LHR-68264
Broad City In the Mood lipstick vibrator for clit-thrilling fun. Looks like a real lipstick for purse-based secret smuggling action. One-speed vibration perfect for getting your clit all happy. Simple push button control easy for whenever, wherever, however. Lipstick tip styled in mint green 'cos Ilana is our Kween.